BA                    Psychology                            Stanford University 

  MA                   Social Science                       San Jose State University

  MA, PhD         Social Psychology                UCLA


  • 12 years trial consulting experience.  Performed over a dozen COV surveys and pretrial publicity content analyses. Experience in mock trials, jury selection/voir dire, Colorado Method of juror life qualification.
  • Scholarly research on legal psychology issues—see About page. For example, on "prehabilitation" (a term coined in Hamilton's research lab), which refers to judges' and attorneys' attempts to rehabilitate before asking propective jurors about their biases, thereby exerting pressure to hide any biases from the court. Examples:  “We’re here to see whether you are able to set aside pretrial publicity.” “Do you think you are capable of being impartial and fair?" "Remember, it is your duty to presume innocence.  Do you think you can do that?"
  • Taught CLE courses concerning voir dire and change of venue.
  • Psychology professor since 1986.  Courses:  Law and Human Behavior, Statistics, Social Psychology, Experimental Methods, Applied Psychology, Introduction to Psychology, Psychology of Women, Advanced Research.
  • Member:  American Society of Trial Consultants, American Psychology-Law Society 


BA     English Literature                     UC Berkeley 

MA    Rhetoric and Composition       University of South Florida

MA    Psychology                                   Institute of Transpersonal Psychology

MA    Mass Communications              San Jose State University  (ABT)   

  • Persuasion techniques 
  • Witness interview techniques and witness preparation
  • Collaboration on change of venue survey question composition and change of venue survey reports.  
  • Scholarly research on legal psychology issues

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