Hamilton Zephyrhawke Trial Consulting

Hamilton Zephyrhawke Trial Consulting

We are experts in change of venue surveys and the analysis of publicity’s impact in high pretrial publicity cases.


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Hamilton Zephyrhawke Trial Consulting

Change of Venue Survey

Change of Venue Survey’s are designed to evaluate community bias in response and preparation for a motion for transfer and/or change of venue. Using our expertise we help determine and identify how jurors might react to your case.

Jury Surveys

Jury Surveys pertain revolve around issuing opinion polls around the jurisdiction of the trail. We conduct interviews with Jury qualified residents regarding their perceptions, opinions and background characteristics.

Voire Dire Consulting

Having the right jury can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. Our voir dire development process includes formulating questions tailored to specific issues and providing litigation insights.

Pre-Trial Publicity Analysis

We take a systematic approach in determining the effects the community, locale or public may have on your case and help determine rather or not there may be a capacity for potential juror bias.


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